Centralized Management

Dear Townhome 3 & 3700 Capri Ct. Homeowner(s),

We are pleased to announce that the Triumvera Homeowners Association (the Master HOA) has elected to offer centralized management services to better assist individual Triumvera community associations and their respective Board of Directors. Our objective is to increase efficiency for Triumvera homeowners and deliver a more streamlined service.

For years, homeowners have called the Triumvera HOA management office located in the Recreation Center seeking help for issues with their buildings. They have always been pointed to their Board of Directors or a third-party off-site management company when applicable. Those days are gone for Triumvera Townhome 3 & 3700 Capri Court Association! We will now be your resource for ALL communication, maintenance requests, real estate closings, bookkeeping, architectural review and approvals, and association planning and project execution.

We have a designated management team consisting of an executive manager, two property managers, and two property associates. We have been contracted by your Board of Directors to provide property and financial management services to the Triumvera Townhome 3 Association, effective September 1st, 2020 & to the Triumvera 3700 Capri Court Condominium Association, effective October 1st.

Meet the Team!

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