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New water main upgrade for Triumvera.


We are informed of upcoming construction on Triumvera property by Aqua Illinois, our water utility provider. Aqua will be replacing our existing water main with a new water main. The improvements will require us to share space with their construction team for a little more than two months. We know it will be a temporary inconvenience for us all. The silver lining is that the project is scheduled to move quickly. We will also gain better infrastructure due to water main improvements performed by Aqua Illinois.


Supply conditions/hurdles from the pandemic have impacted the inventory of various materials to engage the project. Still, Aqua has begun delivering documentation to us to prepare for construction start. They are tentatively beginning next week, Monday, October 4th, 2021. Please read below for more detail.


The notification letter from Aqua, some of you may have received.


Aqua sent individual notifications to approximately 180 Triumvera residential units they believe are most impacted by the water main project. We appreciate them sending communication, but we also know that our community consists of 553 residential units, and a project like this impacts more than 180 units. The notification they delivered does an excellent job explaining project details and addressing frequently asked questions. They're also willing to field any special questions or concerns from residents and have provided their contact info on page 2 of the notification. We are attaching the letter here for the convenience of all 553 residential units in Triumvera.


A visual timeline of the water main project.


To set expectations, Aqua and their contractor have provided us with a Gantt chart that highlights their proposed plan with milestones and an estimated timeline. Schedules and timelines are subject to change based on a myriad of variables. Still, if they stay close to what they have presented in the attached Gantt chart, they will be complete in a little over two months.  

Aqua's contractor will start two crews simultaneously. The first crew will start at the northeast side of our property by the 3801 Appian Way Condo Association and install new water main moving southwest. The second crew will begin at the south end of Triumvera property on Central Road and move directly west.


Aqua's contractor has warrantied that all construction activity will be closed each day safely so that residents can drive and park with less interference.


Phase 1 Watermain Plans for those of you that love detail. Included in the email version of this letter.


Detailed plans might be overkill for some of you and just the right amount of detail for others. We have attached the plans of phase 1 in a 6-page PDF document located in your homeowner portals within our AppFolio software. You can access it under shared documents 24/7/365. Just look for "Aqua Project."


We will have more updates throughout the project, so stay tuned.


We appreciate your patience while the project takes place. We look forward to Aqua performing successful upgrades to our Triumvera community.




Rob Wilder, CMCA

Triumvera Homeowners Association


CC: Triumvera Homeowners Association Board of Directors

Winter at Triumvera

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COVID-19 Plan of Action

As we all are aware, the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 are ever evolving. We are closely following recommendations by the United States Government and we are making administrative changes in our management office so that our team and visiting residents interact with as little physical contact as possible.  Your safety is our highest priority, and we are currently have installed advanced technology that will help us operate safer in a changing environment. Currently, we plan to keep the Recreation Center open and remain available to provide regular service with the following modifications.

Accepting Waiver of Liability:

  • All residents, guests, members, and visitors 18+ and parents/guardian will be required to sign a waiver of liability.

Recreation Center Access:

  • Check-in will be by use of Rec Center Pass - No Exceptions!

  • All Recreation Center users must wear masks when they enter the facility regardless of vaccination status.

Social Distancing

  • All visitors should maintain social distancing of 6-8 feet from others.



  • We will provide hand sanitizer at the door and in high-traffic locations within the Recreation Center

  • We have added additional cleaning cycles to our facilities.

We’re all focused on doing our part during this challenging and rapidly changing situation. We take the safety of our staff, their families, and our Triumvera community very seriously. We will provide updates with any changes.

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